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Your Budget Worksheet

The two largest costs for a wedding are typically the venue and the food, with liguor coming in at #8. Click here​​​​​​​ for a wedding budget worksheet found on Vertex42 website.

Not only are we a reasonable and beautiful opption to the Strathmere, we allow you to do your wedding your way, with less pressure to "get in and get out" like an assembly line wedding service. You decide every aspect of your wedding and we don't dictate how you do anything Our job is simply to help you make your vision a reality. Every event is unique and catered to your exact wishes. See the categories below for ways to save and have "Your Wedding Your Way."


We do not hold a liquor licence. With no liquor license and no corkage fees, you’re free to bring your own home-made wine or beer. You can bring the 55-beer “octagons” from Costco or whatever duty free liquor you’ve saved up from your border crossings. Why should your guests have to pay $6 to enjoy a beer at your wedding? 

You can use the image below to determine the number of drinks your guests will consume.

Or you can use the "What will they drink?" section and plug your guest list numbers into this super cool calculator that you can access by CLICKING HERE.

A Comparison Betwen "The Ark" and "The Strathmere"

The Strathmere Inn has been in business since 1979 and hosts over 150 weddings per year. They have recently been voted the “Best Venue for Weddings in Ottawa”. We say “Congratulations” to the Strathmere and respect all they have done to their venue and for their clients. But we also say “Watch Out!”, because we believe their title as “Best Wedding Venue” will be in jeopardy once more people learn about the Ark.


The Ark has been in business since 2007 and currently hosts over 7 weddings per year! The Ark is not a "wedding factory" and weddings here are not “big business”. Unlike the Strathmere who may host up to 6 weddings in a weekend, we will only host one. This means you do not have to share the grounds with anyone else, you can hold your ceremony any time you like, you can decorate any time the day BEFORE your wedding, and you can collect your things any time the day after.


You are able to hire a band of your choosing and it doens't matter how loud or long your party. . It's a remote wilderness location far enough away from The Ark or any neighbours that it's impossible to disturb anybody regardless how loud you get or how late you get there.


We don’t offer catering services.  This means you are free to feed your guests any way you like. You could hold a weenie-roast over the bonfire if you liked! Or you could have a pot luck, or hire somebody to roast a pig for you. We love working with Bytown Catering, but you’re free to bring in any caterer you like.


In the overall price below we compared Bytown’s Chicken Dinner with the Strathmere’s Chicken Dinner. As you can see, you would spend more but save even more money if you decided to serve your guests the lamb dish. And you would potentially save thousands more if you decided on a Pot Luck or homegrown BBQ Dinner over hiring a caterer at all! At the Ark you’re welcome to serve a potluck meal and even have your guests bring their own beer! The $8700 you will spend at the Strathmere is the MINIMUM you can possibly spend there. At the Ark, if you have your guests contribute food and alcohol, you can marry here for only $2200 on a Saturday. That’s $6500 cheaper than the Strathmere, and I guarantee you’re guests will have just as much fun!

I’ve already given you the link to the Strathmere and you can find their menu there. If you want to check out Bytown’s menu, you can click here.